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So I said, "Badger Badger Badger"

And she said, "Mushroom Mushroom"

And I was all, "See! Finally! Someone who shares my cultural background!"

(And then she said, "gosh, I haven't heard that since I was in Year 7". But anyway. BADGER BADGER BADGER).
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I got post! To my address! It contained an address book! Send me your address and I'll put it in my address book and send you a postcard! How about that? I have screened the comments so that the rest of the internet cannot send you a postcard. How about that?

(If you are clarehooper, you do not need to send me your address because I HAVE IT ALREADY. This is not because I am a mad stalker but because it is in my address book already. Like magic.)

Here I am, where are you?

The Isles of Scilly are in the Atlantic Ocean, 28 miles off Penzance. Today I can barely see the other islands in the archipelago, never mind the mainland.

I last visited the mainland back in early June. My abiding memory is of cycling through wide flat fenland with the moon hanging huge in the sky.

I came here in March, for a few weeks. I'm staying on for the summer, I told my friends in May. I'm staying on through the winter, I told them in August.

I've resigned my job, I told them in September. I shall be a lady of leisure, and study and make rag rugs and read poetry. I shall go on holiday and bake cakes and take walks and dream. Perhaps I'll write.

The season is changing, and jobs are coming up all around. I'll probably work some of this winter. I expect to work here next summer. I have my room on a week's notice, and from the window I can see the sea.
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Home sweet home

My clock says in small print, ©1985 American Greetings Corporation. On its cardboard face – by now rather sticky and dirty - are five carebears playing among rainbows. I've liked this clock enough to have hauled it with me through the last ten years, and now it's residing with me in Bradford-on-Avon. It's a little piece of home, this clock. When I packed for this stay, my goal was not to bring all my favourite clothes, nor all the books I've wanted to read in the last few months – my goal was to bring the bits and pieces that would make Flat 5, Westbury House, home for the next four months.

I wanted to write something about the last year's travelling. But it seems so... so past. And I'm so... so here.
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