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my soul is the soul of a whale

We were talking about this daemon animal thing. Whales, said jhadur509. They travel. They sing. "And they're very peaceful and sociable, in an independent kind of way. Singing to each other across oceans and all". I like it, I said. I'll be a whale.

I'm going to Africa. Africa! On Sunday.

I might not be reading Livejournal much for the next four months. Then I'm going to Australia and then New Zealand and then Canada and then America. Then I think maybe Kent. I've not been to Kent yet, except to catch the Dover ferry lots, and it's Quaker gathering there next August.

It was like this. I was at EMEYF in April. In Ireland. With too much bread and not enough vegetables and Liz's awesome home baked cookies, oh yes. We were talking in my small group about what we might do with our lives. Several of us seemed to be at that point where we had the whole world in front of us and didn't know quite what to do with it for the best. Ben suggested a friend had once told him; "just get a ticket to Nairobi, and when you get there, look around and see what work you can do... ". Sleepy after a surreal week on the Isle of May, curled in a chair in Cath's house in Langley Park a couple of weeks later, I sent my parents' friend Jan a facebook message "still not sure what to do with my life. Shall I come and help you in Zim for a bit?". She said yes, and here I am six months later hunting down such necessities as brazil nuts and 13A fuses that are apparently hard to find in Zimbabwe.

Between then and now I've been to Ireland, and back to Scilly, and lived on Cheltenham racecourse for three weeks. I've zoomed up and down the country, been to AVP workshops, bicycle workshops, folk music workshops, leadership courses. I've been on holiday (a nice thing to fit into a gap year), on cruises and to weddings, parties, ceilidhs. I've spent time with family; found old friends and made new friends. I've loved and left behind so many people and places.

I'll be in Zimbabwe for four months. That's the longest (by over three months) I've stayed anywhere since I finished my PhD. I can't imagine it. It'll be hot.

If I get the chance, perhaps I'll sing to you across an ocean.

Ask me anything. I'll answer if I can.
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